About Beyond Credentials

Our mission: connect top talent with top companies in a better way.

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Our Beliefs:

1. We believe that the conventional wisdom of finding talent based solely on a resume is fundamentally flawed.

2. We believe that the smartest companies and candidates are above and beyond the old methods of public job boards, classifieds and impersonal email methods.

3. We believe that top Generation Y talent is critical to the future success of any company, especially in a constantly evolving, global information and knowledge based economy.

4. We believe that candidates who prove their dedication through academic achievement should gain exclusive attention by the best companies. We believe we cannot be everything to everyone.

5. We believe that beyond a threshold of minimum credentials, it is up to a candidate to demonstrate their current and future value to any organization.

6. We believe that inexperience should be viewed as an opportunity for the smartest companies to gain fresh insight and to develop their future leaders.

7. We believe that the smartest companies are always looking for fresh talent to bring new ideas, value and to change the status quo.

8. We believe that if we give candidates the right tools, they can get the attention of any company they desire.

9. We believe that there is no magic bullet for finding the best people for the job and no technology will take the place of authentic connections between candidates and companies.

10. We believe that we are about to change the way companies find and hire Generation Y talent.

That’s why. If we’re talking to you, then let’s go shake things up.

Go beyond a paper resume to get a job. Stand out from the competition with a personalized pitch page. Employers love it and you’ll get results.

We allow you to create and control your own domain (yournamehere.beyondcredentials.com) to securely and professionally host your entire professional identity and share it with your network and company contacts anywhere and anytime. Your BC pitch-page enables employers to save time and money. Employers get to understand “who” you really are by viewing your page.

Your BC pitch-page is an incredibly powerful networking tool. You can email, post, write and refer your Beyond Credentials profile link to prospective companies and they will have a complete and professional representation of you. You also gain the advantage when using you Beyond Credentials page: companies know they are top-tier and your resume stands above the rest of those boring resumes that offer no compelling content.

Companies want to see your page too.

Companies who join Beyond Credentials are top tier. They are looking for more than just a job applicant. Therefore we allow some companies to join our growing community and search for you. They’ll share info you want to know about them, including photos and video. Companies purchase a subscription to our candidate pool to recruit and offer positions to qualified candidates. Finally, companies are encouraged to develop creative recruiting contests, pilot hires and projects in partnership with Beyond Credentials to further attract you to their company and brand.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact us at

We wouldn’t be here without some very important people contributing to our goal. Thank you to our families, friends, investors, customers, developers and team members for supporting and encouraging our beliefs.