Want to join our team?

We currently only have one opening for a Ruby on Rails developer.

We believe that people should find work they love, and to do that they need to meet people who share their passions and interests.

We do this through technology and a simple product that helps job seekers discover and connect with the right people.

We will be rebranding to

We are going through the program (a venture backed web startup accelerator).

If you think everybody should like what they do, you can help them…and make some great money doing it in place where we’re all not taking ourselves too seriously is just icing on the cake.

Job overview: You’ll be helping lead the build of our entire product. As we exit Excelerate Labs, we’ll be taking ideas and turning them into quick products that use many social APIs, mobile development and learning from our users very quickly. We’ll probably scrap some things here and tweak some things there…you’ll learn a lot as we go.

Experience required: 2 years of Ruby/Rails development. Some Javascript and basic HTML/CSS knowledge. Project and product management philosophy needed (we practice lean development). If you’ve built stuff, we’d like to see it. If you haven’t, you’re probably not a fit. Git account links a major plus.

Timeline: Contract to hire starting immediately. The size of our post-Excelerate Labs funding round, and if you like us and we like you, will determine if this moves to full time…but that is the idea. We’ll have a decision by October.

Decent hourly pay for work through September 1 is the deal, but we’ll work out an agreement for post September 1 compensation and bonuses to make up the difference between what you might make elsewhere. We know startups are risky, but that is why they are fun.

We will offer benefits for full timers. Fun office, flex hours, food budget, new computer / iphone / ipad budget…transportation reimbursement…all that good stuff.

Contact: Andy O’Dower –

Send all relevant links and a few sentences about you and we’ll get in touch.