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85% of companies say a positive online presence is key in their hiring decisions. Use these tools to impress them.

Your personal pitch page

Your personality, talents, interests, resume, video intro, pictures, and more. Everything executives need to make a hiring decision all hosted in one place,

Your personality

Employers don't hire candidates because they have great resumes. They hire candidates because they have great resumes and the right sets of personality traits to excel at the job. Show companies both, right off the bat.

Video Interviews

You get out what you put into it… cliché, we know. But it is true. Record video interviews to create a pitch-page that will inspire employers to take a closer look at you.

Let others help you

Your network is your most valuable asset when job searching. Give your contacts a way to show you off to their contacts and let your network work for you. People want to help you get a job, so make it easy on them by giving them a pitch-page worth sharing.

Exclusive attention

Innovative companies join everyday to meet people just like you. Take an insider's look to learn about their working environment, career paths, and current opportunities. Use your pitch page to show companies both, right off the bat.

A wealth of resources

Not sure where to start your job search? We´ve done the research for you and have a collection of resources to help you out. Have a question that´s not answered? Ask career expert Alexandra Levit on our blog.

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